Re: IM component for Gnome Office

> fre 2003-11-21 klockan 17.20 skrev Jody Goldberg:
>> On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 02:25:58PM +0000, Charles Goodwin wrote:
>> > Should Gnome Office include an instant messenger application?
>> >
>> > The two most likely candidates would be:
>> > Gaim -
>> > Gossip -
>> I suspect not.  Things like that are migrating into the core of
>> gnome itself, as is evolution (or at least there are people that
>> would like it to).  My preference would be for GNOME Office apps to
>> be somewhat data/doument centric.  People seem to treat
>> communication tools differently.  I've had long arguments on whether
>> or not Gnome Meeting (a wonderful application) belong in the core of
>> Gnome any more than abi or gnumerc.  The result always tends to
>> boil down to communications being given a higher priority than data.
> I tend to agree with Jody, I think GNOME Office isn't the right place
> for an IM client or Gnome Meeting. Let's keep GNOME Office more about
> documentation/data centric apps.

OK this makes sense at some level. The desktop is different from content
creation. Our goals are to create state-of-art content creation tools. We
use GNOME technology to do this and we aim for full integration with the
GNOME desktop as well as each other.

If we can keep to a 6-month time-based releases we can release updated
versions of Gnome-Office in synch with the Gnome-desktop releases anyway.

BTW I think there is still every chance AbiWord will have a decent 2.2
release in about 4 months time. How are other apps tracking?



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