Re: gnome-recent, ready to rock

On Thu, 2001-12-06 at 15:43, Christopher James Lahey wrote:

> Putting this in gal seems fine to me.  The only thing I'm at all
> concerned with is that gal doesn't currently depend on gconf.
> However, if this is a gnome2 library and gnome-libs2 depends on gconf,
> we can totally change this for the gnome2 port of gal.
> I'm totally up for integrating this.  We should talk more when the
> gnome2 port of gal builds up steam.

Any idea when GAL porting work might begin?  It will need to 
precede the porting of Gnumeric and Evolution, correct? 
Also, do you have any idea whether Ximian plans to have 
ported versions of Gnumeric and Evolution for Gnome 2.0 at


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