Re: GUADEC Results

Joe Shaw <joe ximian com> writes: 
> Speaking of the text canvas item, I spent a good, long time on the plane
> back from Denmark reading and making notes about the new GtkTextView
> infrastructure and it seems to be exceptionally well split between model
> and view. Havoc, if you're on this list, you should be
> commended. :) Anyway, there is definitely a good amount of work to be done
> on that bad boy for the canvas, but I think that it should be fairly
> straightforward. Zooming will be tricky, I think.

Yep, zooming is complicated. I'm guessing there's a 90% chance the
canvas item will require some additions to gtktextlayout.[hc], which
means that trying to get the item working (at least in non-editable
mode) in the next month or two would be a very good idea. There may
even be a need for Pango mods, though maybe not.

I'd also note that a simple PangoLayout editor probably isn't that
hard to write, on the order of GtkEntry/GtkLabel complexity. So if you
just want a couple of paragraphs of text, that's another potential way
to address this problem.


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