Re: What is GNOME office?

Sam TH <sam uchicago edu> writes: 
> First, I wonder about your phrasing there.  Are you suggesting that
> OO will become the GNOME office suite once it does those things? Is 
> this set in stone?

Not suggesting that.
> Second, I don't think that waiting until OO does all of those things
> is what Bart had in mind, in the email I was replying to.  Personally,
> I expect OpenOffice to have a ramp-up time at least comparable to
> that of Mozilla, that is, long.  And so GNOME is going to have to
> make decisions before all of that happens.  For example, Sun is 
> going around telling anyone who will listen that the decision has 
> been made, and that OpenOffice is the new GNOME office.  And I don't
> see anyone from GNOME challenging that view.  So GNOME, and probably
> the board, will have to decide what the composition of GNOME office
> will be, before everything you want to get done gets done.  

For now I'm willing to take a "wait and see" attitude on what we have
to decide when - it's just not clear to me at least what we
can/should/would decide and when we should do it. So I'd advocate
doing nothing until we feel there's a clear answer.

> And as to those specific items, I know they plan to address 1 and 2, 
> but the Sun developers I've corresponded with seem to view 3 as a 
> feature. And as to 4, I'll believe it when I see it.  

The board will probably dedicate a meeting to this, and should get a
much better idea of what's possible and how Sun sees the
situation. Then it will be a lot clearer what the issues are.


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