Re: What is GNOME office?

Sam TH <sam uchicago edu> writes: 
> 1) The current GNOME office suite actually uses GNOME, something OpenOffice 
> cannot say.  I would be very surprised if GNOME made the decision to make
> non-GNOME software an official part of itself.
> 2) Currently, there is not even a procedure by which to submit code to 
> OpenOffice (at least, not as far as I can tell).  This doesn't sound 
> like free software development to me.
> 3) To contribute code to open office, the developer must sign over the copyright
> to Sun, a company that has recently shown signs of changing, but has done lots
> of things that make the free software community less than happy.  Java standards?
> SCSL?  Need I go on?
> 4) Sun has stated [] that they 
> want their XML file format to be an industry standard, but also that they want
> it to "evolve like Java specifications", that is, with Sun making all the
> decisions.  
> I feel somewhat bad for being negative about Sun, but I don't think that either
> they or OpenOffice is all that GNOME needs at the moment.  

I agree with you that the OpenOffice project would need to address all
of these issues before becoming the "official GNOME office suite."
I don't think we should assume they won't address them, though.


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