Re: What is GNOME office?

Daniel Veillard wrote:
>   No. It's Daniel Veillard reacting to person A saying that person B
> think something evil. 

Not sure how you got "person B think something evil" from my assertion
that companies like to get the maximum return on their investment.  My
initial response was related to the following exchange:

Bart:  Mandrake will provide a GO programmer.
Jody:  Send 'em on over to gnumeric.
Bart:  Yes, we must decide soon who will be GnomeSpread.

That sounds to me like "we need to help companies direct their
investments most productively."  

I agree strongly with others on this thread that a formal decision on
applications does not need to happen yet, nor can it accurately be made

There are a pile of shared components that will be needed by a GNOME
Office suite.  Let's get newcomers working on those.  I am about to
create a new CVS module and begin checking in my work on a bonobo
component library to implement the OpenOffice drawing API utilizing the
GnomeCanvas.  It draws in part from code that currently lives in

We should be pulling together a TODO list of projects like this, put it
under CVS, or even better on the Web, and start focusing our efforts on
building the underlying foundation of GO instead of focusing in on who's
farther along.  The reality is that we are all far enough away that more
than a few hand recounts will be needed before it can be determined who
will win that race.  


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