Re: Specifying Office Component IDL?

On Mon, Dec 04, 2000 at 11:35:54AM -0500, Dom Lachowicz wrote:
> Sam TH wrote:
> >It would be very nice for AbiWord to be usable this way, and I'm sure
> >that it would benifit people.  Unfortunately, AbiWord can't be built
> >from the ground up with components, the way SO or Evolution are,
> >because of the lack of XP component frameworks.  So, while we will
> >probably be set up that AbiWord can be embedded in another
> >application, or used as WordProcessor component (if there is one) we
> >won't be usable as a text formatter, say, independetly of the rest of
> >the application.  At least not until Windows ships with Bonobo.  :-)
> This is not wholly true, Sam. What I think that we're missing on at least 
> the Gnome side is a lack of "bonobo-ized" components/controls. For example, 
> say I cook up some cool ass toolbar that gnumeric wants to use. Where might 
> I put it? Well, what would probably happen now is that it would go into GAL 
> and we'd both use it as a shared library. This is bad from a number of 
> standpoints.
> What do I think that we need done? I think that we need to start creating 
> small gnome components. Maybe start with GAL widgets. AbiWord and Gnumeric 
> and OO could use them (or more specialized components) through bonobo calls: 
> bonobo_get_object("Gnome-Office Toolbar", "Bonobo/Control");

This is definitely true in the case of something like a toolbar,
constructed differently for each front end.  However, for something in
the backend (like the XML parser), we can't do this.  Which means that
only the FE pieces of AbiWord can be embedded by themselves.  That's
all I really meant.  

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