Re: Specifying Office Component IDL?

Hi Michael,

Michael Hoennig - Sun Germany - ham02 - Hamburg wrote:

> Everybody who is interested in such an API should take a look at which is the API of OpenOffice, which is specified in an IDL similar to CORBA.

What are your current plans regarding the API?  I'd love to see us get
some plans in writing about this.  

Is the API going to migrate to an Org::OpenOffice:: namespace?

What is your CORBA-fication strategy, if any?  Services probably need to
be addressed.  Also, things like Enum namespace clashes. (e.g.
Drawing::FillStyle::NONE clashes with Drawing::LineStyle::NONE according
to the standards for C-bindings.)

I'm on the dev api list and have read all the archives and there doesn't
seem to be much discussion occuring related to CORBA and the API yet.

I'm working on an implementation of the Drawing API and have checked in
some code and marked-up IDL already in sourceforge project bonobo-draw. 
Perhaps we could work together and use the OO Drawing API as a testbed
to start making this happen?


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