[gnome-nl] Re: Small live-cd bug report

Hi Reinout,

I'm really happy for any feedback I receive. I'm currently collecting
all problems and ideas concerning both the i18n and the liveCD stuff.

Most of what you pointed out shall be integrated into the next version
of the liveCD. I'm currently trying to improve the infrastructure to get
more people involved. I.e. having a mailing list for development and
having space somewhere on an ftp server with sufficient bandwidth. 

Especially the bandwidth problem massively prohibited to get people
involved at an earlier stage. We hopefully will have a solution for that

Thanks :)

On Mon, 2005-09-12 at 13:14 +0200, Reinout van Schouwen wrote:
> Hi Marcus,
> I've downloaded the 'nl' version of the 2.12 live-cd and it's looking 
> pretty good! I have a few small comments/bug reports I would like to 
> share:
> - The advice behind the 'F1' key is untranslated. Where/how can we
>    deliver translations for that?
> - Same question for some dialog messages of the automatic installer.
> - When clicking a Help menu item in Abiword, it starts Mozilla Firefox
>    instead of Epiphany. This is because of a setting in the Preferred
>    Applications capplet, which should default to Epiphany but is set to
>    Firefox.
> - There were a few .abw files that should show on the desktop I think, I
>    translated them and they were committed to cvs, but I can't find them
>    on the CD??
> - It would be nice if the default document language and spellcheck were
>    set to nl-NL in Abiword and other office apps (but I don't know if
>    this is easy to do)...
> - The 'Add to panel' interface is untranslated. It may be better to use
>    the stock GNOME 2.12 add to panel-interface instead of the ubuntu one?
> - The GNOME dictionary performs searches on dict.org. If feasible, it
>    would be nice to run a local dictd with all relevant freedict
>    dictionaries. It would allow for non-English dictionary lookups and it
>    would make the dictionary useful when not connected to the internet.
>    :)
> - The (untranslated) 'Get help online...' and 'Translate this
>    application' Help menu items added by Ubuntu look pretty much out of
>    place and are not really relevant for a GNOME demo. I would like to
>    see them removed.
> That's all I have for now, back to real work ;)
> regards,

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