[gnome-nl] Small live-cd bug report

Hi Marcus,

I've downloaded the 'nl' version of the 2.12 live-cd and it's looking pretty good! I have a few small comments/bug reports I would like to share:

- The advice behind the 'F1' key is untranslated. Where/how can we
  deliver translations for that?

- Same question for some dialog messages of the automatic installer.

- When clicking a Help menu item in Abiword, it starts Mozilla Firefox
  instead of Epiphany. This is because of a setting in the Preferred
  Applications capplet, which should default to Epiphany but is set to

- There were a few .abw files that should show on the desktop I think, I
  translated them and they were committed to cvs, but I can't find them
  on the CD??

- It would be nice if the default document language and spellcheck were
  set to nl-NL in Abiword and other office apps (but I don't know if
  this is easy to do)...

- The 'Add to panel' interface is untranslated. It may be better to use
  the stock GNOME 2.12 add to panel-interface instead of the ubuntu one?

- The GNOME dictionary performs searches on dict.org. If feasible, it
  would be nice to run a local dictd with all relevant freedict
  dictionaries. It would allow for non-English dictionary lookups and it
  would make the dictionary useful when not connected to the internet.

- The (untranslated) 'Get help online...' and 'Translate this
  application' Help menu items added by Ubuntu look pretty much out of
  place and are not really relevant for a GNOME demo. I would like to
  see them removed.

That's all I have for now, back to real work ;)


Reinout van Schouwen	   ***	student of Artifical Intelligence
email: reinout cs vu nl    ***	mobile phone: +31-6-44360778
www.vanschouwen.info       ***	help mee met GNOME vertalen: nl.gnome.org

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