Re: [gnome-network]status

On Mon, 2003-08-25 at 16:53 +0100, Nuno Donato wrote:
> Hi. Looks cool most of it. However I have a questios:
> "Ideas (2/3)
> A personal file server 
>       * What should be the protocols to use? 
>               * HTTP, NFS, NBT? "
> It is of interest to make that file server compatible with every OS, NFS
> isnt with windows , is it? I would go for HTTP, but if it is a file
> server, why not consider FTP too?
there was last week a discussion about this on nautilus-list
about this. And, IMO, the only good solution for having a solution for
this ASAP was to use the ~/public_html Apache directory.

The real good solution is to have the user be able to share directories
via the existing protocols, that is SMB and NFS, but since we can't do
it yet...

Maybe other people have other ideas?


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