Re: Transmageddon: Ideas

On 02/07/2011 10:15 AM, Stefan Kost wrote:
Been considering the queue of items option quite a few times, I am
trying to keep the UI very basic and I haven't come up with an idea for
a look yet of how the queue system would work without complicating
things to much.
Arista has a queue and I think it would make sense to prioritise other
things in transmagedon (like using the encodebin and the profiles). Of
course its christians decision.

Just thought I'd mention that Arista is in the process of undergoing some UI changes based on user feedback I have gotten. The ultimate goal is to simplify the interface and lower confusion that people have emailed me about. Because of that the main dialog now looks like this:

You'll notice the preset selection and queue are gone. The preset selection is now in a new dialog with a filterable list of presets that shows a little more preset information. The view of the queue is now completely gone. I'm not sure if I will add that back in, but you can create as many conversions as you want and they will run one after another with the progress bar telling you how many jobs are left. I'm considering a "cancel all" button and considering a queue dialog in the future, but would like to work on a few other things before then for the next release.

For those people that do want a queue - what is most important for you? Being able to run jobs one after another? Being able to prioritize jobs? Being able to reorder jobs? Being able to remove jobs?

Take care,

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