Re: are there any gnome-sound-recorder developer alive?

Am Mittwoch, den 11.11.2009, 10:53 +0100 schrieb Marc-André Lureau:
> Hi
> On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 9:33 AM, Alexey Fisher
> <bug-track fisher-privat net> wrote:
> > Are there any gnome-sound-recorder developer alive?
> > I still can't contact any gnome-sound-recorder devs. Are there any? Do
> > some one working on it?
> I am one of the maintainer of gnome-media. We are all lacking time,
> and this kind of comment is not helping.

This is not comment. This is question.

> You have posted a patch not so long ago. Please be kind and patient.
> That said, I am sorry not to had time to check it - the main issue
> being that gnome-media is not so easy to compile on a not so
> up-to-date system. I blame myself not to spend enough time on it.

I understand you problem, but simple answer like: "i don't have
currently any time" will make things sort of clear. Communication is

> If you want to help, you could review other bugs, and/or maintain your
> own git branch on some server - that could keep you happy and
> productive, and we would give you more responsibility. If you don't
> want any, then you'll have to wait.

I'm in hard part of my study, so there is no time easer. I understand
you do not have time so i not bothering you with bug reports. I do not
seek how to make me or you busy. If i have some problems making my
work/study hard i try to fix it.
Currently i use ubuntu karmik and gsr is badly broken for me. I invested
my free time to investigate it and fix it. Not bad for _user_. Now i use
my own debs of gnome-media and i will make my fix accessible for all. If
this is not help... then you will to mach from me, i have given you all
i have. 
I learned to read source by my self and i can adopt some code. 
I'm not a programmer and i can't create some thing new. I thank you for
all you do and create, but it seems like most developers learn how to
program and do not know how to communicate.

Any way, 
take your time
i'll be happy to know, this patches go upstream.



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