Re: are there any gnome-sound-recorder developer alive?


On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 9:33 AM, Alexey Fisher
<bug-track fisher-privat net> wrote:
> Are there any gnome-sound-recorder developer alive?
> I still can't contact any gnome-sound-recorder devs. Are there any? Do
> some one working on it?

I am one of the maintainer of gnome-media. We are all lacking time,
and this kind of comment is not helping.

You have posted a patch not so long ago. Please be kind and patient.

That said, I am sorry not to had time to check it - the main issue
being that gnome-media is not so easy to compile on a not so
up-to-date system. I blame myself not to spend enough time on it.

If you want to help, you could review other bugs, and/or maintain your
own git branch on some server - that could keep you happy and
productive, and we would give you more responsibility. If you don't
want any, then you'll have to wait.


Marc-André Lureau
Sent from Barcelona, Spain

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