Re: [gst-devel] GStreamer presets (feedback requested)

(Playing Devil's Advocate here)

> And I think that the xvidenc and
> ffenc_mpeg4 elements show that the presets are capable of providing a
> useful abstraction. And if people do not find them useful they of course
> don't need to use the preset files.

But is it that hard to make xvidenc and ffenc_mpeg4 just support the
same properties for the things you're interested in in your profile ?

Alternatively, why not implement something that the encoders support
straight out of the box ? Why add a layer on top instead of into the
elements ?

> > In short: we should concentrate on really capable encoding profiles, instead.
> Agreed, and that is part of the effort here. And I hope to be able to
> push them forward another step during GUADEC.

I, like Mike, was confused about what they were for based on the name.
I suggest not calling them encoder profile at all, because I suspect
pretty much 90% of people will think it's 'the thing they'll need to use
to encode for their psp/ps3/ipod/whatever'.

Also, it sounds like what you're trying to do is something that applies
to much more than encoders - I recall we talked in the past about having
ways to store and restore presets of element settings as a bunch
together, and that would make just as much sense for elements like
sources or converters, IMO.  Although I could understand if it's not
something you'd want to tackle if your focus is on Transmageddon right
now.  But it'd be nice if others could take it to a more generic level.


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if nobody honours them ?
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