GStreamer presets (feedback requested)

I have been working for a while on defining GStreamer level presets
based on the current plugin level preset system. The general document
for those presets can be found here:

My current set of .prs files can be found here:

I think I have managed to sort out what should be in the files at this
point, including what kind of values makes sense and what kind of values
do not make sense. Even tried documenting those choices on the wiki

Before I start committing these .prs files to the various GStreamer
modules I would like to ask people to take a look at them and the
current specification and let me know if people:
a) agree with the type of values I have choosen for the .prs files
b) agree with the actual values choosen for some of these values.
Especially the actual bitrates choosen for the Quality settings might
need some polishing (and maybe even more than 3 different options)

These presets can be used independently, but I plan on using them as
part of the device level profiles, linked from the Preset page. But
those profiles are still in a flux and will most likely change a bit, so
please disregard that page for the time being or at least see it as a
work in progress.


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