Re: [gst-devel] GStreamer presets (feedback requested)

> Because of this, I do not see the benefit in separating the presets
> from the profiles - I think in all cases, either the preset isn't
> needed (because everything is standard) OR enough things will be
> different that a different encoder profile is needed. I also think
> that it's _generally_ going to be uncommon to have many different
> encoders.
Well having re-written Transmageddon to use the presets I have to say
that I do find them a useful way of organizing the information and makes
doing the device profiles easier.  And I think that the xvidenc and
ffenc_mpeg4 elements show that the presets are capable of providing a
useful abstraction. And if people do not find them useful they of course
don't need to use the preset files.

> In short: we should concentrate on really capable encoding profiles, instead.

Agreed, and that is part of the effort here. And I hope to be able to
push them forward another step during GUADEC. But what it is not obvious
to me is what you want from these profiles. I haven't been able to see
from your feedback so far if you think we are on the right track, but
some adjustments are needed or if you think we are totally barking up
the wrong tree. If the second I think you need to show us some kind of
example of what you are trying for as currently you seemed to have
mostly focused on what you don't want as opposed to what you want.


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