Re: [Totem] Browser plugin gstreamer

2008/9/9 Milosz Derezynski <internalerror gmail com>:
> I just wanted to add once again that i see a huge benefit in having a
> generic browser plugin.
> Having Gtk+ code inside GST or even the plugin being part of GST is
> certainly not the right way,
> but having a reusable video component based on Gtk+ and GST Is IMO the right
> way.
> For one of my apps, i copied big parts of the Totem video code in order to
> have a well working
> video widget.
> Certainly also it is somehow possible to have a generic video component
> which Totem can also
> reuse, even if with much work.
> If it could be agreed upon having this, i would be willing to stop current
> projects of mine and work
> towards separating the video component code.

I agree, just like libcanberra-gtk, it would make sense to have a
gstreamer-gtk package with re-usable GTK+ widgets.

Felipe Contreras

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