Re: [Totem] Browser plugin gstreamer

On Wed, 2008-08-20 at 07:32 +0200, Mark Trompell wrote:
> <snip>
> > I don't know what was the intention of Mark. But if Totem only
> > requires GTK+ and GStreamer probably is good enough.
> I still have to read through the thread...
> My intention is that I'm sometimes working on whaawmp, a gst & pygtk
> using media player (although development is slow,
> because we  a short of time atm).

What's wrong with Totem in the first place? I'm pretty sure there's ways
to make it leaner if that's the main complaint...

> If I want a browser plugin, my only choise is to install a second
> media player. This makes the first mediaplayer pointless.
> So I just thought, making the plugin more generic would be a good
> idea, even if it is, defining an api, that media players can provide
> to extend it with compatibility stuff, playlists, whatever, something
> that can be usefull to all mediaplayers that will be written (using
> gst).
> Something like that.

I don't see how I could make the browser plugin code more generic...
More generic than that and it would be the null plugin from Firefox...

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