Re: Common music database?

James "Doc" Livingston wrote:
On Fri, 2006-03-31 at 14:50 +0100, Jamie McCracken wrote:
Another thing I need is what additional common metadata is needed in the Audio section of the spec :

(some of you already mentioned "playcount". Another might be Audio.Lyrics if I can get Tracker to download lyrics for a music file when its indexed!)

Looking at what RB currently uses, and might use in the not too distant

Gotten from the file itself:
* Track and Disc number (and possibly disc total track count)
* Duration
* ReplayGain adjustments
* Performer

User metadata:
* play count
* time of last play
* rating (probably scaled 0.0 - 1.0 is best)
* "first seen" (to show the user's "new" music)

We're also using an actual date, not just the year, since several
formats (e.g. vorbis comments) support that.

Great thanks.

For rating, we already have File.Rank (integer between 1 and 10). This is useful for file managers which can show and possibly edit the rank for any file and not just music.

Will change Audio.Year to Audio.Date and add your others later today (Audio.LastPlay, Audio.PlayCount, Aduio.FirstSeen, Audio.TrackNo, Audio.DiscNo, Audio.Duration, Audio.ReplayGain and Audio.Performer)

Mr Jamie McCracken

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