Re: Common music database?

Am Dienstag, den 14.03.2006, 20:58 +1100 schrieb James Livingston:

> If we wanted to use Rhythmdb as the shared backend, I think that using
> the low-level db abstraction bit would be best, with players optionally
> using the high-level services.


I hope the following use case is not too off-topic here.

I am simply a user of the Gnome audio stuff right now, but I want to 
do the following (as soon as my soundcard&stereo are set up to do this):

I want to use (if possible) all the information inside my Rhythmbox
database for a scripting based frontend to play soundfiles via my
HiFi system (e.g. by using a IR remote control) like in the "Media 
Server" or "Wireless Media Player" use model (I will connect my stereo
with a spdif cable though). I do *not* want to enter metadata and
"use information" (how often has the track been played, is this
a favourite etc.) twice.

Frankly having a scriptable rhythmbox compatible application that
can use all the tagging available in rhythmbox (e.g. favourites,
playlists) but without the gui and with hooks to conntrol it via 
a remote control would help me more than having fine-grained 
access to database tables, because I am not that much of a 
programmer or DB guy, but I *can* plug together some simple
scripts to fit my needs.

/ralph -- just to give you an Idea what *one* user might want
          to do with such a backend. Even though it is by definition
          non-Gnome (non GUI), I *do* want to share it with my
          GUI stuff that runs as long as my main computer is on.

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