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Well, BMPx is going into that direction. While our DB backend is quite non-standard, the core player can be compiled without GUI at all (and also run without GUI completely headless/X-less), and it provides an extensive DBus API that involves querying as well as initiating playback, etc. The query API isn't really very well evolved yet (but being worked on actively), but we have the daemonized mode as well as the general DBus control API sans the quering very well implemented since long time.


This is somewhat offtopic, but sort of fits into here as well (and in case you're reading us, Dave): I've discussed the remote DBus API with Dave McCabe and he wanted to make an "GNOME official draft" from it, but nothing to be heard of this yet since a few weeks. I think this would come in very handy as well, and could possibly even go nice with the common database storage. Although, Aaron said another daemon would be probably undesirable, i guess this would make such a daemon neccessary then; in any case i just wanted to point out that efforts in this direction are going on as well.

Our side of the spec is here (Media Player Remote Interface Specification):

On 3/14/06, Ralph Aichinger <ralph mail pangea at> wrote:
Am Dienstag, den 14.03.2006, 20:58 +1100 schrieb James Livingston:

> If we wanted to use Rhythmdb as the shared backend, I think that using
> the low-level db abstraction bit would be best, with players optionally
> using the high-level services.


I hope the following use case is not too off-topic here.

I am simply a user of the Gnome audio stuff right now, but I want to
do the following (as soon as my soundcard&stereo are set up to do this):

I want to use (if possible) all the information inside my Rhythmbox
database for a scripting based frontend to play soundfiles via my
HiFi system (e.g. by using a IR remote control) like in the "Media
Server" or "Wireless Media Player" use model (I will connect my stereo
with a spdif cable though). I do *not* want to enter metadata and
"use information" (how often has the track been played, is this
a favourite etc.) twice.

Frankly having a scriptable rhythmbox compatible application that
can use all the tagging available in rhythmbox (e.g. favourites,
playlists) but without the gui and with hooks to conntrol it via
a remote control would help me more than having fine-grained
access to database tables, because I am not that much of a
programmer or DB guy, but I *can* plug together some simple
scripts to fit my needs.

/ralph -- just to give you an Idea what *one* user might want
          to do with such a backend. Even though it is by definition
          non-Gnome (non GUI), I *do* want to share it with my
          GUI stuff that runs as long as my main computer is on.

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