Re: Common music database?

On 4/17/06, Daniel Svensson <dsvensson gmail com> wrote:
> While XMMS2 and MPD and so on have their reasons to use own communication
> protocols not based on D-Bus,
> i don't see much point in having things like your applet (Daniel) have to do
> the unification.
That was just an example of a program already trying to accomplish
this. Of course it should be done somewhere else. As for XMMS2 a
simple client launched on startup that handles the bridge to the
outside world would be the choise.

Yeah i didn't want to say your app is pointless, just that it shouldn't need to do the unification on it's side... (so yeah something like
a bridge, either inside a player or outside as it would be possible with xmms2d and another client that acts as the bridge; btw just
ask andersg, he's written an xmms2d <-> MPRIS proxy in python i think)

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