Re: Common music database?

Sorry, might have missed a couple of emails. Was reading the archives
before I posted my message and signed up a couple of minutes ago.

On 4/17/06, Milosz Derezynski <internalerror gmail com> wrote:
> In this context i'd like to bring this here back to attention:
Yes, something like this is what I was referring to. Gnome monkies
usually like to use DBUS for whatnot so that was why I named DBUS.

> While XMMS2 and MPD and so on have their reasons to use own communication
> protocols not based on D-Bus,
> i don't see much point in having things like your applet (Daniel) have to do
> the unification.
That was just an example of a program already trying to accomplish
this. Of course it should be done somewhere else. As for XMMS2 a
simple client launched on startup that handles the bridge to the
outside world would be the choise.

Just wanted to draw the discussion to something more worthwhile, that
is.. not sharing the same (xml, database, whatnot) medialib, but
instead providing a common way of accessing vital parts for generic
tools like for example music applet, deskbar, and nautilus.

Daniel Svensson, <daniel nittionio nu>

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