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On Fri, 24 Jun 2005, Iain * wrote:

> Date: Fri, 24 Jun 2005 10:53:47 +0100
> From: Iain * <iaingnome gmail com>
> To: Travis Watkins <alleykat gmail com>
> Cc: Ross Burton <ross burtonini com>, gnome-multimedia gnome org
> Subject: Re: Gnome sound recorder
> > Couldn't it just call Sound Juicer and then load the file when sj
> > exits?

I like the principle of it but in practice the idea may be less convenient
than it seems.  I like the idea of do one thing well but that works on the
command line becuase pipes and redirects make it easy to combine the
components.  Cleanly combining GUI applications and providing a nice
integrated experience is not quite so easy, Bonobo has been pretty much a
disaster (too ambitious), and DBUS is only new but quickly being adopted.

> > Seems like an aweful duplication of code as is.
> Its 1000 lines of code.
> Its really nothing compared to the rest of Marlin
> (sitting at 60,000 lines at the moment).
> Plus, SJ doesn't have the "I want tracks 4-6 in one file"

Perhaps work could be done to add something like it to sound juicer or
make it generally easier to stitch files together in Marlin rather than
specifically doing at the time of ripping?

> Marlin does that.
> That said, however, as soon as Marlin gets a plugin system
> The CD Ripper and CD Burner are the first things to turn into plugins.

Perhaps then it will become easier to drop Sound Juicer in place of the
current Ripping Dialog in a nice clean and integrated way.

I'd be interested to know if you think something like this might become
more feasbile in future?

> (yes, it burns CDs too...well, it did, I don't have a CD burner
> anymore to test it)

It seems many applications are adding CD burning functionality, nautilus,
gthumb, muine, and many others.  I haven't used any of them besides
nautilus (I've been using K3B on the sly because it just works) but I fear
a glut of incosistent CD burner interfaces.  I'll have to bring it to the
attention of the usability team soon.


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