Re: Gnome sound recorder

On 6/23/05, Allann Jones <allanjos 7 gmail com> wrote:

> The Audacity, Beast and WaveSurfer
> ( are complex applications to be
> integrated with the window manager.

I assume you mean "are too complex applications to be integrated with
the desktop environment"
With which I disagree and present (and plug/hype) Marlin (
which is a sample editor which integrates nicely into Gnome.

> A application like Windows sound
> recorder is simple and util. Most users don't have technical
> knowledges to edit audio.

I disagree...and with Marlin, I think its a fairly simple to use
application that edits sound well, and doesn't take a degree in
advanced rocket science to use.

And as the author of both Marlin and (most of) gnome-sound-recorder, I
think I'd be happier using Marlin than gnome-sound-recorder for my
basic sound recording.


(And before anyone says "Oh, there's not been a marlin release in like
9 months, its dead!" I say, oh no its not, its only sleeping, and the
new release will happen very shortly...hopefully by the middle of
July, and it'll kick ass!)

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