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On Thu, 23 Jun 2005, Allann Jones wrote:

> Date: Thu, 23 Jun 2005 11:59:55 -0400
> From: Allann Jones <allanjos 7 gmail com>
> To: gnome-multimedia gnome org
> Subject: Gnome sound recorder
> Hi, I'm starting to develop a sound recorder for Gnome, but I think
> that I can use the existing code in the distribution.

> I was thinking in a pure GTK+ application, but I've changed about this.

There is a general move amongst Gnome developers towards making
applications more portable and using Gnome components in a cleanly
seperable way.  I'm no expert but grecord has quite few remaining Gnome
specific dependencies and ones like gnome-vfs and gnome-help should be
relatively easy to seperate out (things like gconf might not be so easy).
I expect patches to make Gnome Sound Recorder (grecord)  and gnome-media
in general build as a GTK only application would be graciously accepted
(as similar work has been accepted in the past).

> I want to contact the developers of the actual version of the sound
> recorder to share ideas. I'm developing some audio APIs in my job, but
> these codes isn't open source, I want to contribute with the community.

As the README file included with grecord explains the general plan was to
create a simple sound recorder to record and play and add some simple
sound effects.  It seems like that is something you would be interested in
doing and also something the developers would be interested in having.

I assume you have particular reasons for choosing Gnome Sound Recorder as
a base for you work and are already familiar with various other Open
Source audio tools from the relatively simple Audacity, to the more
complex tools like Beast and many others. (It is extremely unlikely that
you would choose without checking out the alternatives first but I feel I
should mention them just in case).


Alan Horkan

Inkscape.  Draw Free.

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