Re: sound multimedia problem

Are you sure you have the cd connected to your soundcard with the
special cable for connecting the cdplayer to the soundcard? (the cable
proably came bundled with your soundcard or cdplayer or both)


On Thu, 2004-01-08 at 02:14, rnpk adelphia net wrote:
> I am having trouble with gnome mix mixer.  Iam new at RH and possibly don't 
> know how to set my soundcard preferences up correctly.  I have a cd-burner 
> installed and with the ensoniq 1370 pci soundcard call get everything but 
> the cd to work. Can you give me a clue which drivers to set as output for 
> the cd, listed is e-sound plugin 1.2.7 something to this effect.  Thanks  
> Robert

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