Re: any sounds needed?

> rule #1 - don't post HTML mail.  looks horrible in most clients, and
> isn't even readable in others.  thanks.

Hi Sean,
as you see, rule #1 applied.

> yes, there are, as pretty much all the current GNOME sounds suck.
> horribly.  I tried myself getting a new sound set a year or so ago, but
> didn't get anywhere.

Do you've got an idea where to start? What sound samples are needed and of
which length should be these? Where to submit roughly previews to (temporary
storing should be possible on my own server) and in which format? Questions
about questions, sorry. But before starting to compose and programm anything
it would be better to know relevant points that may guide me through the
development and refining process.

> If you want to work on the main sound set, remember that they need to be
> "professional" (i.e., boring).  I love rock as much as the next tasteful
> person, but any kind of system sounds that weren't "soothing" and
> "clean" won't get accepted in mainstream.  that's not to say an
> alternative sound set for people outside a business environment wouldn't
> be nice.  ~,^

I agree to you. Simple and sharp instead of too boring after listening to
the startup sound for the second time, subtle and easy listening instead of
hard 'n heavy etc. A main sound set must be able to fit to the broad mass of
users, but not to a single minority. Do you've got any suggestions relating
to this, f.e. what you think that most gnome users prefer?

> Sean Middleditch <elanthis awesomeplay com>
> AwesomePlay Productions, Inc.

Andreas Kwiatkowski

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