ANNOUNCE: Gnome CD Master 1.1.8

Hi all,

I supose every here is subscribed to the announce list. Anyway I resend the announce here in case anyone wants to comment/discuss.

See you.


Gnome CD Master 1.1.8

-------------------------- PLEASE READ ----------------------------

We have not heard from project founder and maintainer Andreas Mueller
for a long time and do not know what his intentions are regarding
cdrdao. Due to recent contributions to the project, we have decided to
nonetheless continue development and to keep working towards future
releases. Manuel Clos is now acting as project maintainer. We hope to
hear from Andreas soon.

The latest state of the CVS tree before the merge with the Gnome2/Gtk2
branch has been tagged as 'Andreas_1_1_7'.


GCDMaster changes (Denis Leroy)

- gcdmaster was ported to Gnome2/Gtk+2 using the new C++ Gtk2 bindings
  (gtkmm2 and gnomeuimm2).

- ATAPI drives support: gcdmaster will also scan for ATAPI
  devices. Devices are now specified as a '[path:]x,y,z' string.

- The samples selection can now be cleared (i.e. unselected) by
  single-clicking the Audio view during Select mode (not in Zoom

- You can now select multiple files from the file selector when
  appending or inserting tracks/files from the main Audio Project menu.

- Some features have been removed (temporarily): the multiple views
  feature, the 'zoom to selection' icon. Also the progress dialog is
  gone during import: progress is shown on the main status bar.

mp32dao changes:
- FLAC support. mp32dao now handles mp3/ogg/flac files. (Giuseppe

- toc2cddb: translates a TOC file into a cddb file. (Giuseppe Corbelli)

- cue2toc: convert CUE to TOC format for audio CDs. (Matthias Czapla)

Andreas Mueller
Manuel Clos
Denis Leroy


GNOME Software Map entry

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