EsoundD -- I need information


we work on "screen reader" for linux for purblind people who want to use linux and our results seem to be promising. We want to try it together with Gnome to see if we are on the right way. Naturally, we need an audio output and because Gnome uses Esound, we ideally should use it as well.

But the problem is, that due to screen reader design and its function requirements, we need to know when an audio stream plaing finished and to be able to stop it before it will finish (if there is such demand from our daemon).

I can not find any documentation of Esound and so i am not able to find, if Esound supports these requirements somehow. Or do we have another way, how to play sounds from our screen reader and from Gnome simultenaously? (we do not want deprive purblind Gnome users of Gnome sounds). I think, that to use Esound is the most straightforward way how to join screen reader and Gnome.

Thank you very much,

Dan Tihelka

P.S. Could you send the answer to my address <dtihelka kky zcu cz> as well, because i am not subscribed into conference. Thanks.

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