State of the Coaster

OK guys,
State of the Coaster time...

I have 5 weeks to hit my release for version 0.1.0. I plan to have a
pre-release out 2 weeks before that.

Whats has to happen is I have to write the backend code now! With
libburn being in a almost usable/ready state, this issue is not hard. I
only have to decide how I want to do it. There is talk about a gnome lib
based off libburn, and I may go into that come 0.1.0 and let people
know. Just be forewarned that backend code needs to be separate from the
GUI. This also includes the preferences. The GUI is in a decent state,
and is usable. The hardest part is the the gnome-vfs to libburn

I will try to keep the HACKING file up-to-date as much as possible. I am
going to try and do some serious hacking during these last few exam
weeks at Uni.

Compile stuff is as follows. While coaster is in cvs, there will be time
that either libburn or coaster itself will not compile. I will be aware
of these and will have it fixed in a timely manner. I try to make sure
things work before submitting to cvs, but sometimes issues arise. I do
encourage active talk on this mail-list as well as on irc. This will
help me and James generate a FAQ for the website. James, I hope you are
saving these issues somewhere so we can figure out what we need in it.

Any questions can be posted to the coaster-devel list at anytime. Please
keep compiling and looking over the code. If you see something I may
have fsck'd up, send a patch :) I need all the support the gnome
community, and Linux can muster.

Best wishes and as always, happy hacking!
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