Re: State of the Coaster

Sean Harshbarger wrote:
I have 5 weeks to hit my release for version 0.1.0. I plan to have a
pre-release out 2 weeks before that.

That's great.

Whats has to happen is I have to write the backend code now! With
libburn being in a almost usable/ready state, this issue is not hard. I
only have to decide how I want to do it. There is talk about a gnome lib
based off libburn, and I may go into that come 0.1.0 and let people
know. Just be forewarned that backend code needs to be separate from the
GUI. This also includes the preferences. The GUI is in a decent state,
and is usable. The hardest part is the the gnome-vfs to libburn

I have looked at the HACKING and TODO files and I still don't see how someone else can help since you only tell the big picture.

Is there anything more elaborated so I can look at it?

Compile stuff is as follows. While coaster is in cvs, there will be time
that either libburn or coaster itself will not compile. I will be aware
of these and will have it fixed in a timely manner. I try to make sure

I supose that you are refering to the "libcdburn" module when you talk of libburn, I tried compiling it but it does not build with gcc-2.95. You should keep portability in mind.

I was unable to build coaster (dependency problem) nor coasterarchitect (dies at configure time).

I finally found libburn on the -devel archives (!) but it didn't worked:
cvs login: authorization failed: server rejected access to /cvs/cvsroot for user anonymous

I have only seen the definitions on the web page that seem to come from libburn.h.

So well, if you *really* want help, it should be easier to setup the whole thing.

One last issue I have is copyright of the code. While the libcdburn contains lots of copy and paste code from cdrdao, some copyright notices have been removed (ie. Doing copy and paste code from the c++ dao library and then commenting lots of lines to make it compile doesn't look right. I supose that you have permission to remove those copyright notices from Andreas Mueller.

Also, if libcdburn is using that lots of code from cdrdao, why don't you asked on the mailing list to cooperate? Free Software is all about cooperation.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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