Re: GNOME-media on the road to 2.4.0

    GStreamer is and has always been LGPL

The LGPL permits linking with non-free programs, and that includes
dynamic linking with plug-ins.  However, the same issue would arise
for a GPL-covered application program that includes GStreamer.

    Well the problem at hand here is that we have GStreamer a LGPL framework,
    we have libraries under the LGPL and GPL implementing codecs and
    containers formats that might be covered by patents in some countries.
    The libraries have GStreamer plugins made for them. We then have GPL
    applications who calls upon these libraries using GStreamer. So the
    question is if the applications can legally be distributed in countries
    where patents might apply or if GStreamer insulates them from the GPL vs
    Patent conflict.

If the distributors of GStreamer and of the applications don't
distribute these plug-ins, but rather refer to the sites which do, and
if GStreamer or the plug-in distributors say that use of these
plug-ins may be restricted in some countries by software patents and
that anyone considering redistributing them in certain countries
should consult a lawyer, that ought to do the job.

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