Re: Gnome, GTK+ and C++

On Thu, 2003-08-14 at 13:38, Greg & Erica WOLSKI wrote:
> Thanks for a nice welocme.
> I will look around and eventually find some place for me.
> Also, I have a question.
> Since most of the Gnome stuff is coded in C, and I know C++, what can and
> can't I do using C++?

As any C++ coder should know ;-) any C API is perfectly and fully usable
with C++ - C++ is a superset of C.

> I mean, can everything, what I eventually need, be done with C++ using Gnome
> and GTK technology?

Well, anythign that can normally be done w/ the two.

> Also what is Gtkmm, Gnomemm, libsigc++ and do I need it?

Those are C++ wrappers of the GNOME/GTK+ libraries.  They don't really
give you any new features, they just let you code GNOME/GTK+ apps using
a more C++-ish API, instead of the C API.

> Thanks,
> Greg Wolski
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