Re: [Rhythmbox-devel] monkey-media future

> Furthermore, I don't think that metadata writing/updating really has its
> place in the VideoObject/Widget. This is the other part of monkey-media
> that we'd need to replace/move/update.
> Thomas, what's your take on this part?

It's two-fold.

For reading, I had started on media-info, a library which I was
developing in nautilus-media, and which is going to get folded back to
gst-plugins when I'm happy with it.  I need to pick it up again soon,
lots of people have started asking how to do this.

The features would be caching of media info (if it's in the cache, then
return info from the cache, instead of reading the file, which would be
very fast when loading lots of files), multiple lookups of properties
(ie, "here are all the files, get me all the artists and titles"), which
would allow it to be really quick at doing big sets too.

It's idler based if you want it to (ie, you can give it directions, then
call a provided idler until it runs false, at which point it's done).

I really need to keep working on that because I wanted to settle the API
then finish it.

As for writing, this is harder.  I know Company (Benjamin) is working on
his own implementation.  He put in some fixes in his local branch (0.7
though) that allowed him to transcode with metadata preservation.

Writing itself shouldn't be too hard, and even possible within
GStreamer, even though for some formats it basically means "copy whole
file and add on the fly".

Retagging is slightly harder, but should still be doable. It just needs
to get done.

So, it depends on which of these you need.  For rhythmbox, I would think
you only need reading and retagging, not writing and preserving.

What do you guys think/need ?


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