Re: change tooltip for gnome-cd?

Kris Blindert wrote:
I like gnome-cd quite a bit; it even goes into the panel when I run it remotely, very nice. But, I'd love to get different information when I hold my mouse over the panel icon when it's running. The default is to show me the artist and album title. I'd greatly prefer if the tooltip told me the title of the current track! Since that's actually the

You can have two lines in a tooltip, so why not:

Song title
(Artist - Album title)

or something else?

window title for gnome-cd, I think it ought to be possible to make this change. But I have no idea how. Any suggestions?

gnome-cd is in the gnome-media tarball, but if you want to change the cd player applet, you must look for the cdplayer applet in the gnome-applets package.

Get the source, grep it, send a patch.

Manuel Clos
llanero eresmas net

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