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I can imagine you'll want metadata support in gst-player at some point
(not only when playing, but also in the playlist). How do you plan to do
that? Getting metadata for all files using gstreamer will be insanely
slow (create a pipeline for every file, play it until you receive all
data, and kill it again).


On Mon, 2002-09-16 at 17:06, Steve Baker wrote:
> > Ok, there is a simple web page at:
> > 
> >
> A couple of things slipped into the gst-player list which I don't think
> should be in there, those being:
> # support Monkey-media
> and
> # generic interface to the system volume
> Gst-player doesn't need monkey-media as it has libgstplay. libgstplay
> does not have the same scope as monkey media and I am really happy with
> using it as the core for gst-player. I have nothing against monkey-media
> but I have no intention of integrating it with gst-player.
> As for an interface to system volume, it is my opinion that a media
> player shouldn't change a hardware setting for the whole system - I
> think this is more likely to confuse novice users than having a per-app
> volume and a global volume changable by capplet/panel-applet.
> cheers
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