Re: Sound Capplet and Themes

On Saturday 04 November 2000 22:10, Erik Jarvi wrote:
> I read a article on linuxtoday the other week about multimedia in KDE, they
> are using something called arts, that is not dependant on QT and meant to
> be used by GNOME and KDE. But it said that GNOME wasn't interested in it.
> What's the difference between arts and esd? And what are the future plans
> of esd?

Arts is a multimedia framework. You can use it to plug-in different
modules in a chain. So you can built things like:

First it was CORBA based but too slow. So Stephan (the author) invented
a protocol similar to DCOP (KDE's Desktop Communication Protocol) called
MCOP. It's easy and fast so you can produce sounds neraly in realtime.
Very impressive. I've checked out KDE2.0 yesterday and I'm very
impressed how integrated it is. The response time of windwos etc. is faster 
than in GNOME. Nevertheless I would really appreciate the integration
of arts in GNOME so both desktops can run the same apps without inventing
the wheel again and again (as it is flames please :-).

ESD is a something like a mixer demon which mixes different sound sources
over a network for example. It is similiar to NAS but NAS is a standard and
is used by every UNIX-X-Terminal. I don't know the details but ESD has some
problems I've heard. 




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