Sound Capplet and Themes

Morning all,

So I've discovered that someone's working on a GUT interface for Gnome
(Grand Unified... Themes!). It's plug-in based, and will be able to handle
Sawfish, GTK+, XMMS, whatever.


Very interesting. I'll be helping with UI issues as soon as it's stabilised.
So, it hasn't been released yet (even as an alpha), but I thought it would be
food for thought because... we don't have support for sound themes in Gnome
yet. :)

It would be cool to plan it here, and either develop it ourselves, or find
some developers interested in implementing it. Planning it for future
changes is probably the most interesting thing for us, given some of the
rather wacky, outlandish and brillant ideas that have already come up. :)

Just some more random thoughts.

- Jeff

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