esound and gnome/sawfish

If anyone could help out with this I would be very grateful.  I've been
debugging it for several days now and I'm at a loss.

I have Debian unstable (Woody) installed along with Helix Gnome.  I have
added my login id to the audio group in /etc/group.  If I use esdplay,
xmms, whatever, I have sound in X.  However, if I try to use the sounds
associated with my desktop (Gnome or Sawfish, not sure who is
responsible here) I get nadda.  In fact, it appears I'm getting "cannot
bind port 16001".  The desktop sounds I'm talking about are the "swoosh"
for the status bar at the bottom etc.  The stuff found in

My sound library is ALSA...  not sure if that matters tho as everything
works but this one instance.

TIA for any idead.

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