Re: [gnome-mud] Re: Changes in CVS

Hey Robin,

On Sun, Sep 18, 2005 at 08:17:21PM +0200, Robin Ericsson wrote:
> As of end of july I've been working on a new where I program Qt (Yeah, I 
> know, but I actually like and it can explain why KDE is such a good 
> framework :).

Hrm, no comment. :)

> I've actually been thinking of gnome-mud and how I would like to rewrite 
> it into using gtkmm instead of plain c. How would that sound?

To me, pretty bad, because:

1) gnome-mud needs many things, but not Yet Another Rewrite Plan.
2) using c++ would make the learning curve to our possible newcoming
contributors a bit steeper. We *really* want to go the other way.
3) we've spent 2 years trying to finish a rewrite in glade, and we're
nowhere near.

If gnome-mud isn't a defunct gnome module today it's because Daniel has
been poking here and there and trying to get his way through API manuals
to learn how the new stuff should work. The other previous contributors
to the project, including me and you, are either too busy, or too
uninterested to keep going. I'd like to see gnome-mud release 0.11, but
I really have way too mucho n my plate to do anything besides the little
I do. I basically chat with daniel on IRC and try to give him the advice
I think is best to get somewhere.

Still, now that HEAD is what it should have been a while ago, we don't
know too well what to do, because you were leading the effort.

Robin, there's a lot of files currently unused in the build. Do they
all need to be ported to libglade, or is some of that functionality
already in some of the new source files? Do you have ideas on how to
continue with the process?

> >There have been some new people joining the mailing list lately. If we
> >were lucky enough to have fresh coding blood among them, we could give
> >gnome-mud a final push ahead.
> Yeah, there's even a patch :)

The other day someone hammered me on the Debian BTS with wishlist bugs.


No patches though. :)

Anyway, I don't want to sound harsh, but if we wnat to release
something, we should get realistic: c++ might help you, but it possibly
won't help anyone else. If you think you can help others by continuing
to do C stuff, better. We need someone to give pointers, mostly to
Daniel if he's up to taking the task, on how to continue porting code
from the old files to the new stuff.

If someone asked me what would I base a rewrite of gnome-mud on, it's
quite clear: pygtk. :)

On another front, I hope your daughter is doing very well! :)

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