[gnome-mud] Re: Changes in CVS

Jordi Mallach wrote:
Robin, are you listening? Can you describe what's missing from (the new)
HEAD, and what should be the minimal bits for a 0.11 final release?

Yeah, still here. I've slacking a lot since I quit my last job in the end of last year.

As of end of july I've been working on a new where I program Qt (Yeah, I know, but I actually like and it can explain why KDE is such a good framework :).

I've actually been thinking of gnome-mud and how I would like to rewrite it into using gtkmm instead of plain c. How would that sound?

There have been some new people joining the mailing list lately. If we
were lucky enough to have fresh coding blood among them, we could give
gnome-mud a final push ahead.

Yeah, there's even a patch :)

If you're one of the new guys in the list and want to contribute, please
don't be shy! Tell us you're here, and welcome.


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