[gnome-mud] Changes in CVS

So, like a year late, I finally went ahead and moved gnome-mud 0.10 to a
branch, and gnome-mud-glade-branch to HEAD.

This means that we should avoid doing much 0.10 from now on if possible,
and focus on finishing 0.11. In other words: if you were tracking a CVS
checkout of "gnome-mud-glade-branch", do "cvs up -A". If you were
tracking HEAD, you'll see the new code when you cvs up.

I was a bit surprised to see that the current 0.11 status is far from
being releasable, with most of the source files commented out from the
makefile (and I assume no rewrites for much of it in any of the new

Robin, are you listening? Can you describe what's missing from (the new)
HEAD, and what should be the minimal bits for a 0.11 final release?

There have been some new people joining the mailing list lately. If we
were lucky enough to have fresh coding blood among them, we could give
gnome-mud a final push ahead.

If you're one of the new guys in the list and want to contribute, please
don't be shy! Tell us you're here, and welcome.

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