Re: [gnome-love] Project idea : presentation tool for the GNOME desktop

On 29 March 2010 09:57, Enaut Waldmeier <enaut w googlemail com> wrote:
Presentation tools in GNOME that quickly come to my mind are
     * Agnubis (dead, -
       no idea where the code is, plus it will be ugly and ancient)
     * which is also dead
     * Criawips (see ) which had its
       last code commit 32 months ago (depends on how you define
       "dead", but the author Sven Herzberg is definitely still around
       in GNOME so you could talk to him).

As many of the presentations are made with pdf slides one has to consider
evince ( ) as a "presentation tool" too.
Whith the Presentation mode (press F5) one has a pretty good presentation.
However PDF supports none of the fancy scrolling effects. But who needs them
For me evince has proven the most reliable and useful presentator on Linux
greets enaut

For running presentations, I don't think there is anything as quickly
useful as Evince, but there is a lot more that could be a in a
presentation tool, so I am entirely in favour of this SoC idea! A good
presentation tool, with integrated video etc, is a long way from the
joke that powerpoint used to be, when it was all clip art and sliding

But, it is a hell of a big project. I would suggest that the first
thing we really need in gnome is presentation rendering library, and
if it could be used in Evince, that would be great. From there an
editing layer and a GUI would be the obvious steps, but you would
already have a useful project.  To try and do the whole stack in a
summer would possibly be aiming a bit too high.

Phil Housley

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