[gnome-love] Project idea : presentation tool for the GNOME desktop


I'd like to apply for the GNOME GSoC program with the goal to create a
simple, efficient and pretty presentation tool for the GNOME Desktop.
I've tried a bunch of tools like OO.org Impress, Google Docs, and even
Beamer, but never achieved the slick result a friend of mine can do in
~30 seconds with Apple Keynote.

For the technical parts, Clutter + GTK seems the best couple out
there. I'm familiar with both, although I've never wrote a whole app
with them. Luckily, my favourite programming languages are C and
Python, but I think I would stick to C to take profit of the latest
addition in Clutter (the Python bindings are not always up-to-date).

I'd be glad to hear any feedback about this,



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