[gnome-love] Tinderbox (automatic daily build) for GNOME



Building GNOME from source with jhbuild is not really easy for beginners
and even more advanced developers waste a lot of time on trying to get
it to build.


jhbuild has already the functionality to automatically build GNOME and
generate an output report in HTML (This is called tinderbox mode). To
improve the quality of GNOME (i.e. it will be be able to build
completely more often) there should be machine which builds gnome
continually and shows the build reports at for example

Maintainers, developers etc. can check over there if modules build. The
first version could be quite simple just a script that repeatedly calls
jhbuild in tinderbox mode and outputs the results on a webserver.

Things which need to be done

Luis Villa ran his own tinderbox for a while, but since he had to do
this all by himself and his machine broke down he unfortunately could
not continue.

1. Get a build machine (from the GNOME foundation??) with a webserver
and the a gnome.org web address ( http://buildstatus.gnome.org/ ).
Is there somebody on this list who can arrange this?

2. Get a small group of people who keeps this machine up and running.
Any volunteers besides myself wanting to help with this?


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