Re: [gnome-love] Jhbuild and iso-codes problem

On 3/25/06, Luis Menina <liberforce fr st> wrote:
Hi all!

I'm having some problems in building GNOME 2.14

This is still a PITA to get jhbuild working and building everything
smoothly. There's always a showstopper breaking the build...

For example, ATM the libmusicbrainz package adress in the 2.14 moduleset
is broken. Had to download it from another site. Easy to do, but annoying.

Another one I can't have to work, is iso-codes. CVS forbids me to
checkout the source tree. As shows this trace...

[liberforce liberforce iso-codes]$ jhbuild buildone iso-codes
*** Checking out iso-codes *** [1/1]

cvs -z3 -q -d
:pserver:anonymous cvs alioth debian org:/cvsroot/pkg-isocodes update
-dP -A .
Fatal error, aborting.
anoncvs_pkg-isocodes: no such system user
*** error during stage checkout of iso-codes: could not update module
*** [1/1]

Does anyone have an idea about why we can't login as anonymous ?

No; it was working fine for me as of yesterday.  I just tried again
and I get the same thing.

There are two ways to workaround:
  a) If you've already built iso-codes recently enough, just tell
jhbuild to skip it; your last build should be good enough for the
modules that need it.
  b) Redefine how iso-codes is built.  To do so: exit jhbuild, replace
the iso-codes section of the gnome-2.14.modules file in
jhbuild/modulesets with the defintion of iso-codes from,
and then restart jhbuild at the iso-codes module ('jhbuild build -t

Am I the only one to use jhbuils here ? O_o

I rebuild dozens of times a week using jhbuild (though I do run into
occasional problems that I try to file bugs so they'll be fixed
quickly for others trying to use it -- and often file workarounds to
help others in case it isn't fixed quickly), so no.  :)

The jhbuild process is sooooooo broken that I think this leaves a lot of
developers away, are alm the methods to start contributing mainly use

Yeah, it is somewhat of a pain.  I've tried to figure out ways to make
it more smooth, but haven't really come up with much.  (Other than
restarting a tinderbox like Luis had, but don't have the time or
resources for it; though I have made my systems almost like one by
updating several times a week...)

I've found that it's not uncommon for developers to only update
modules once every couple to several months, and just keep developing
their own module during that time.  I'm guessing that's due to the
pain and time involved of rebuilding all of Gnome.  But it does
suggest that you can do the same once you've identified a module to
help with.

Also, it'd be great if someone wanted to start a project providing
periodic cvs snapshot packages for various distros.  Ximian did that
once upon a time while working towards Gnome 2.0.  I think it'd be

Hope that helps,


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