Re: [gnome-love] Hello GNOME lovers

Currently, it seems like the standard is C for most programs included in
the Desktop and Platform. I'd like to see that change, but there's no
way that people will settle for maybe one or two languages to add on to
C. Personally, I think C# would do a good job, and Python too. Maybe
IronPython (one VM :), but that wouldn't use PyGTK, as I understand it.

Recent discussion on desktop-devel-list suggests that there is a strong
consensus to allow use of pygtk [1] in GNOME Desktop [2] modules if
maintainers find that useful.

[1] And gnome-python if that is part of the GNOME Bindings [2].
[2] The Platform, Desktop, and Bindings release sets are described here:

Murray Cumming
murrayc murrayc com

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