Re: [gnome-love] Hello GNOME lovers

Hi Gautier,

hi all,

I'm a GNOME lover, and an experienced C/C++ programmer. As I'm currently
unemployed, I have plenty of time for coding.
Sounds good :)

I have two projects in sight: a HIG-compliant gmencoder front-end (maybe
only GTK), and another front-end, for creating/verifying MD5 files.

I'm learning pygtk, I love it even more than GNOME :)
So I've a question: is there any program coded in python in GNOME ?
Or should I just stick to C ? (plain GTK isn't really fun you know...)
It's fine to write an application in whatever language you like, python
is fairly well supported on most things so it shouldnt be a problem.

No idea if theres any python programs in the gnome desktop at current.

I mean you can write in C if you like, I don't think its so bad if you
use libglade (if your not, check it out, even for python)


Trent Lloyd <lathiat bur st> Networking Inc.

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